READY, SET, Buy! Homebuyer Planner (Hardcover)

Keti Gosberry
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Is It Time to Leave Your Landlord?

You’ve had buying a home on your vision board for the past couple of years.

And every single time you move 5 steps closer to achieving your goal, something
kicks you 10 more steps away …

Landlord goes up on your rent.
Car breaks down forcing you to dip into your savings account (again).
And your credit score is about as unstable as a house of cards.
The more the years pass by, the more it seems like this whole “American Dream”
will never be a reality for you.

Now, before you wave the white flag and surrender to rising rent payments forever,
I want you to know this:

You can (and will) own a home despite what life throws at you.
You see, LIFE happens to everybody. You just need to know how to wade
through the sea of struggles to secure what you want.
And that’s precisely what my Ready, Set, BUY 6-Month Planning Guide will help
you do.

Nobody waits until the “perfect” time to invest in a home … they make their time
the RIGHT time.

Let me explain:
With the Ready, Set, BUY 6-Month Planning Guide, you’ll uncover critical secrets
to the home-buying process all while taking strategic, well-planned leaps toward
letting your landlord go.

Inside the planning guide, you’ll discover lessons on:
• Building Credit
• Saving for Your Down Payment
• Finding the Right Realtor
• Searching for the Perfect Home
• Securing Your Dream Mortgage
• Prepping to Claim Your Keys
PLUS, the guide is broken down into bite-size, practical steps with complementary
planning activities so you can track your progress and celebrate every step of the

Now, listen, I know you’ve spent countless nights on Google trying to crack the
code on home ownership. I also know you’ve tried (and failed) at some steps. But
none of that matters.

We’re resetting your dream back to Month 1 and in the next 6 months, you’re
virtually guaranteed to get the keys to your new home. That is, if you follow
everything I include inside the Ready, Set, BUY 6-Month Planning Guide.

I want this!

READY, SET, Buy! Homebuyer Planner (Hardcover)

0 ratings
I want this!